Tour of Churches Visits St. Mary’s

On Thursday December 28, 2023, Saint Mary’s Orthodox Church welcomed visitors from a variety of faiths to bear witness to the truth and beauty of Holy Orthodoxy. We were honored to be one of eleven churches participating in the event, organized by the Saint Clair Historical Society to share the fascinating history of the town’s churches, some of whom, like ours, are well over a century old, as well as to share the faith of St. Clair’s Christian community.

Many of the visitors were our neighbors come to see the inside of our recently restored church for the first time, while others came from neighboring counties, some making a drive of over an hour. Well over 60 people were in attendance, attentively listening to presentations on the founding of our parish and the Orthodox Faith, while asking many excellent questions of their own. Several of them, moved by the timeless teaching and beauty of our ancient faith, inquired about attending regular services. We hope to see them – and you – this and every Sunday, and to welcome you as members of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic church.

Visitors tour an Orthodox church at Christmastime.