February Craft and Hobby Fair

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church will be hosting a Craft and Hobby Fair on Saturday, February 4, just in time to buy a one-of-a-kind or handmade gift for your Valentine’s sweetheart. (Sure, the Orthodox calendar commemorates St. Valentine in July, but what are you gonna do?)

The fair runs from 10 AM to 4PM, followed immediately by Vespers (evening service – all are encouraged to attend and give right worship to God).

Admission is free to the general public. Vendors, please see below. Food and drinks will also be available, with proceeds to benefit St. Mary’s.

Church and Icon Tours

Throughout the day, we will also be giving tours of our church, with special emphasis on the holy craftmanship of our icons. Learn about how icons are made, why they look the way they do, why we venerate them and the holy persons they represent, and their history back to the earliest days of Christianity.


We are looking for artists, creators, and craftsmen of all types to vend at the fair. Paintings, sculptures, woodwork, ceramics, metalwork, decor, and clothing are just a few examples. Remember that this is also a hobby fair, so games, toys, trains, models, and the like would also be welcome. Please, no merchandise that would cause scandal or insult to the Church.

Tables are six feet long and may be purchased for $40 each. The church hall will be open from 8AM for setup. Please contact us by email or call Mike at (570) 417 5097 to inquire.