DiBaggio Family Chrismation

On the eve of Pentecost on Satuday, June 11, 2022, our parish received four catechumens into the Orthodox Church! Michael and Michelle DiBaggio, and their children Victor and Penelope, were received by Chrismation. Victor and Penelope also received their first Holy Communion that day! Fr. Tim celebrated the Divine Liturgy.

The DiBaggios come to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church from the Roman Catholic Church. They were sponsored by Larissa Holowaty of St. Mary’s and Richard (Seraphim) Rohlin, co-host of the Amon Sul podcast on Ancient Faith Ministries, who came all the way from Texas for their special day.

Chrismation 01/30/2022

Fr. Joseph welcoming a new member to the Orthodox Faith.
Fr. Joseph begins the service of Chrismation with Lynn Sinco.

On January 30, 2022 our Parish welcomed Lynn Sinco into the Orthodox Church. Lynn came to us from the Ukrainian Catholic church after seeking out healing and the Truth found in Orthodoxy.

Fr. Joseph leading Lynn into the body of the church with his stole.
Leading the catechumen into the Body of the Church.
Fr. Joseph annointing the newly Chrismated in the front of the Church.
The annointing with Holy Oil.
The newly Chrismated receiving Holy Communion for the first time.
Lynn receiving the Holy Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist.