St. Mary's Orthodox Church

Glory to Jesus Christ!

St. Mary’s Orthodox Church has been serving the community in Saint Clair, Pennsylvania since 1901. Our parish was formed by dedicated and faithful first and second generation immigrants from the Carpathian Mountains, and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Our current mission is to sure up the foundation which our forefathers built, and to grow our community by witness, outreach, Evangelization, community service, and joyfulness in character.

We welcome you to our website, and encourage you to “Come and See”!


  • Monthly Pierogi Sale!!!
    • We will have Pierogi for sale the first Friday of every month at $7.00 per dozen (cooked or frozen).
    • You can order by calling between the hours of 9:00am and 7:00pm. Leave a detailed message with your callback number if there is no answer. Your call will be returned.
    • Orders will be taken up to two weeks in advance, and until Thursday the week of the sale. Check our calendar for sale dates.
    CALL (two phone numbers, call only one):
    Greg Sagan: (570) 516-3945 (church’s number).
    Mark or Ann Cook: (570) 622-9763 (for pierogi sales only).
  • Due to Covid-19, face masks/coverings are required, hand sanitizer is provided, and proper social-distancing methods/criteria are in place.
  • An important message from Archbishop Mark regarding Covid-19 dated March 26, 2021.
    Read Here (jpg).